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Ironguard Top Loader 35pt Retail Numbered Pack

Ironguard Top Loader 35pt Retail Numbered Pack

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You're at first and ten, the bases are loaded, and there's ten seconds left on the clock. Do you steal, blitz, or go for a three-pointer? Whatever you decide, you need to know all your bases are covered, and for that you need Ironguard. Protect your most valuable players with these collector-quality toploaders, perfect for trading, storage, and sending cards in to be graded. Now featuring a 'Rookie Card' label, to identify your top prospects! Designed for regular-thickness 2 1/2' by 3 1/2' cards, these 35 pt card holders are made of rigid PVC, and measure 3' by 4'. Bundled in packs of 25, each with a UPC sticker. An Ironguard Supplies product!


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